Hot dogs for a cause campaign feeds more than 50 homeless

Hot dogs for a cause campaign feeds more than 50 homeless

By Fox 16 News

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Mike Juliano, more popularly known as “Hot Dog Mike”, isn’t used to working in a kitchen.  Usually, it’s just him, his partner Justin Parsons and a cart.  But when he heard Our House, a shelter for the working homeless, didn’t have a Christmas Eve meal planned, he parked the cart and grabs his tongs.

“It’s Christmas and everyone needs a good meal,” said Juliano.  “Their kitchen would be closed and they were looking for something to do.”

Hundreds of hot dogs, dozens of bottles of ketchup and two giant pots of chili.  All he’s missing is the partridge in a pear tree.

“Feeding people any time of the year is important but on Christmas especially.”

More than 50 people are in the shelter this Christmas, and thanks to “Hot Dog Mike”, they can relax, enjoy the holiday and go back for seconds.

“I’m going to go back and get about two more if he lets me – I’ll got do it,” said one person enjoying the meal.  “Hot Dog Mike” says this is only the beginning.  “You get what you give so my community has been awesome to me so I want to be awesome to my community.”

Juliano paid for the entire meal himself, but he also set up a link on his website,, this afternoon for donations.  Whatever gets donated to the account, he plans to give to Our House.

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