No More Asthma Attacks for 9-year old Girl

No More Asthma Attacks for 9-year old Girl

LaShondra Newsom is a single mother of four. LaShondra and her 3 boys Ka’Shaun, 6, Zion, 4, and Sammuel, 1 and daughter Paradyce, 9 share a unit in the Family Housing program. Paradyce suffers from severe allergies and asthma attacks, attacks that can send her to the hospital. Prior to coming into Our House, they were living in an apartment that had mold and other things that triggered her asthma attacks. Trips back and forth to the hospital hindered LaShondra’s ability to work and caused them to lose their apartment.

LaShondra arrived at Our House with no job, no high school diploma, and was visiting the hospital at least once a week. After spending a few weeks being in and out of the hospital, looking for employment, and living in the Shelter, LaShondra applied for Family Housing. When asked about her need to move, she replied, “I need to move for my child’s safety. We need somewhere clean so my daughter can be healthy.”

Since moving into their own unit in the newly renovated Family Housing building, Paradyce has been free of asthma attacks, LaShondra has been able to begin working full-time in a job training position in the Little Learners Child Development Center, and is working on getting her GED.

Paradyce and Ka’Shaun are enrolled in Our Club, an after-school program administered at Our House. Paradyce is a gifted writer and is currently working on an essay to submit for an essay contest. Ka’shaun excels in art and can often be seen drawing pictures, some that have even been hung on the walls of Our Club.

After getting her GED, LaShondra intends to enter college so she can better provide for her children in the future. Upon completing the Family Housing program and leaving Our House, LaShondra hopes to move into her own home, somewhere safe and clean for her and her family to continue to grow. Thanks to the conscious community members who made the Family House possible, families like LaShondra’s are getting a fresh, healthy start on life.

To donate cleaning supplies to help keep the Family House clean and safe for the Newsom’s or for information about the Family Housing Program, please contact Justin Sanders, Family Housing Manager, at  You may also call 501-374-7383, extension 235.

To volunteer in Our Club or mentor Paradyce or Ka’shaun, or another child like them please contact Katy Grennier, After School Coordinator, at