Canceled Christmas Party Turns Into Christmas Blessing For Those In Need

Canceled Christmas Party Turns Into Christmas Blessing For Those In Need

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) – Friday’s icy winter storm is to blame for numerous cancellations all over the state but for dozens of people in need here in Little Rock, some good came out of it.

That’s because one company decided to turn their canceled party into a Christmas blessing for those who need it the most.

“I can’t even fathom what it takes to pull this off everyday. It surprises me everyday how they do it,” said Vaughan Summerville, a resident and meal server at Our House Shelter.

Vaughn Summerville knows first hand how difficult it can be to feed dozens of people everyday, especially during this winter storm.

“I needed a place to go that was reliable and someone I could trust and I came to our house,” said Summerville.

That same weather forced CTEH, a toxicology and environment health company, to abruptly cancel its Christmas party Friday night.

“Some people were already here and others were on the way and we realized it wasn’t going to be safe,” said Phil Goad, partner at CTEH.

But the decision came too little too late…thousands of dollars worth of food was already ordered. Someone had to eat it, at least that’s what Goad thought. So, he acted on it.

“What we were going to use to feed us for one night at the party could provide over a week of meals here at Our House,” said Goad.

The cost of the food will provide over 500 meals or more than a week’s worth of food at Our House.

“Take an opportunity when it comes and take something that doesn’t turn out right and see if there’s a way to turn it into a blessing for other people,” said Goad.

A blessing Summerville couldn’t be more thankful for.

“We are extremely grateful to receive the food for the people, for the children,” said Summerville.

The café at the Clinton Library, where this event was supposed to be held, is now looking to form a more long-term partnership with the shelter.

 By KATV Channel 7

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