Tie One On: Our House Fans Rebuff Ice, Beat Benefit’s $125,000 Goal

Tie One On: Our House Fans Rebuff Ice, Beat Benefit’s $125,000 Goal

’Twas the night before the storm. The weather forecast for Dec. 7 assured a Himalayan heaping of ice – and more ice. In the days leading up to it, erstwhile gluten haters scrummed for the last loaf of Wonder bread. Really, people, that much bread?

If the storm had you feeling unsure about your basic needs, like shelter, said Jordan Johnson, then imagine the clients of Our House, and consider the efforts of Tie One On.

Jordan and Angie Johnson chaired the seventh annual fundraiser for the shelter. It took place inside Pavilion in the Park, and while many, many more people might have been expected before the forecast, it was still the most crowded event space in the city, surely.

The Johnsons said their fundraising goal of $125,000 was exceeded, and likely wasn’t much affected by the weather, but they were glad to see so many come out to bid on the nearly 100 artists’ aprons. These volunteers, collectively, are the hearts and souls of the event, Jordan said, and their hearts and souls go out to “the very shelter that people are craving in this kind of weather.”

Two aprons were paired and won in a live auction for $3,700 by Renee and Barry Jundt. OK, the aprons came attached to four Southwest Airlines tickets and a week’s stay in Snowmass, Colo. One of the aprons was designed by a Southwest employee, Jan Stephenson, and the other by South on Main proprietor Amy Bell, whose involvement with Tie One On goes back years.

Note To Future Apron Designers: Stuff those apron pockets with vacation tickets for maximal bidding!

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Print Headline: Our House fans rebuff ice, beat benefit’s $125,000 goal

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