Education Matters: Little Learners

Education Matters: Little Learners

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Our House is a shelter for the working homeless to live in Little Rock.Along with adult services, there’s also a child development center.Children from ages six weeks to five-years-old can spend time at a special place with Our House.Little Learners Coordinator Mollie Ispen said, “We have three classrooms, an infant room, a toddler room and our preschool room.”

Their day is filled with lessons on things like music, art, large and small motor development and outdoor play.

Ispen said, “And our teachers are very engaged. They’re always on the floor with the kids, reading and singing songs.”

Along with providing child care for working homeless parents, Our House also helps others in the community at a low weekly rate.

For more information on how to register your child, click here. 

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