Our House Children’s Center Welcomes 150 kids

Our House Children’s Center Welcomes 150 kids

THV Channel 11

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – One month after the new children’s center at Our House opened for summer camp, kids are thrilled to have a new place to spend their summer.

“This is a really nice building because it gives you more space than the old building,” Dharma Wesley told THV. “My favorite part is being able to go outside a lot and to have more exercise than we did in the other building.”

In June, Our House Executive Director Georgia Mjartan welcomed 150 of the city’s most underprivileged youth to the new facility, which replaces a much smaller former ambulance garage as the children’s center. “We had a vision and it was a community vision that we would never have to turn away a homeless child,” Mjartan said. “I feel like every day that I see our kids coming here so excited they are feeling that love from every donor who gave and continues to give to make the programs happen.”

Mjartan says they hope to eventually accommodate at least 100 more children once they receive additional funding for their daily operations.

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