Our House Celebrates Georgia Mjartan’s Tenth Anniversary as Executive Director

Our House Celebrates Georgia Mjartan’s Tenth Anniversary as Executive Director


September 1, 2015, marked Georgia Mjartan’s Tenth Anniversary as Executive Director of Our House.
On September 1, 2005, Ms. Mjartan assumed the Executive Director role at age 25, taking the reins from founding director Joseph Flaherty who retired after 17 years in the role.
In the ensuing years, Our House has enjoyed dramatic growth in its programs, budget, staff, facilities, client volume, and mission impact. Highlights of this growth are included below.
“I have had the pleasure of seeing literally thousands of people from our community connect with the Our House mission and help us lift families out of homelessness,” Ms. Mjartan said. “Nothing we have accomplished would have been possible without the passion and energy of these volunteers, donors, meal servers, partners, and board members.”
Ms. Mjartan recently led a process to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for Our House’s next five years, with the goal of building on this momentum and increasing Our House’s impact.
“I am excited to work with our staff and board to carry out this plan and make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of people,” Ms. Mjartan said.
Highlights of Georgia Mjartan’s Ten Years as Our House Executive Director
 Budget Growth
Our House has grown five-fold over the past ten years, from a $500,000/year budget for many years prior to 2006, to a $2.5 million/year budget in 2015.
Facilities Expansion
Ms. Mjartan oversaw a successful 10-year, $10 million campus master plan that unified all Our House programs onto one campus. A big highlight is the 2014 opening of a new Children’s Center.
Improved Capacity
Our House has experienced 500% growth in the number of clients served on a daily basis, with new programs for children and families the biggest driver of this growth.
New Programs
Ms. Mjartan oversaw the launch of significant new programs, including an out-of-school-time youth program, a quality-rated early childhood education center, and a homelessness prevention program.

Measurable Impact
Our House diligently tracks data to assess program effectiveness and impact in clients’ lives. These data help to optimize program performance and attract funders seeking a clear return on their investment.
Personnel Growth
The Our House team has grown in size five-fold, to now include 76 full-time personnel, and has also grown in professional qualifications, now with eight staff members holding post-graduate degrees in relevant fields.
Statewide Awards
Ms. Mjartan was named “Nonprofit Executive of the Year” in 2011, and Our House was named “Nonprofit Organization of the Year” in 2015, both awards through the Arkansas Business of the Year Awards.
National Profile
Our House is increasingly recognized as a model program, contributing to national conversations around homelessness, garnering national news coverage, and attracting investments from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and many other out-of-state funders.

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  1. Kanisha Hatton

    Georgia Mjartan is a force to reckon with. She has done sooo many great things with her career at OUR HOUSE for the ful-fillment of others lives. That is such an INCREDIBLE ACT OF SERVICE AND DUTY. Her years 10 SOLID has changed lives on a whole different level. I heard of OUR HOUSE before she came, but not on the scale where it is at Today, and no offense to was before her, as I am sure they made such a tremendous difference as well. When they chose to leave OUR HOUSE in her hands, they had no clue where she would take this SHELTER, this PLACE people CALL OUR HOUSE because she made it a HOME for them. When I met her, I knew her heart was in it for the right reasons. She is truly inspiring to many of us who is from that neighborhood. I love her as to our history we share being from that same neck of the woods. She incredibly a game changer. Georgia could had done anything else with her degrees, her experience with her internship, but she chose to stay right there in the heart of downtown MIDTOWN and SUPPORT OTHERS IN DIER NEED.. DIER NEED!!!! I LOVE YOU MJARTAN. YOU ROCK HARDER THAN HARD! My love for you is forever….. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and that YOU ARE TO ARKANSAS.. not just Lil ol LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS..

    Respectfully so,

    Kanisha Hatton

    Thanks for your HARD WORKED 10 YEARS with a PLACE THAT SIT HIGH ON A HILL, Called “OUR HOUSE!”

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