Little Rock’s ‘Helping Hand’ looking for help beyond Thanksgiving

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — While thanksgiving is often about food, like “potatoes, yams, corn, green beans, and pie crust,” said Gayle Priddy, executive director of Helping Hand.

However, above everything delicious, it should be about giving.

‘Helping Hand’ food pantry makes it their mission to feed families for the holiday.

“He says I can’t tell you the last time my daughter and I had a thanksgiving dinner, so that’s what were here for,” said Priddy.

‘Helping Hand’ provides meals before Thanksgiving.

“We’re very thankful,” said Luvena Benson, who picked up her Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday to feed her family of 4, “Showing them that I love them and there is hope for Thanksgiving.”

‘Helping Hand’ collected enough food to put together 322 boxes of complete meals for families in need.

“We had a lot of volunteers in here who normally don’t,” said Priddy.

Holidays bring volunteers out of the wood work.

At ‘Our House’ help is crucial right now with school out for Thanksgiving break.

“Holidays should be a really fun time for kiddos, but for kids in need it can be a really stressful time,” said Georgia Mjartan, executive director of ‘Our House’.’

Rebeca Solis and Angelica Jacobs signed up to volunteer on Tuesday with ‘Our House.’

“Definitely more hands are going to be needed and that’s something we look forward to,” said Solis.

The two college students plan to stick with it even when the holiday rush is over.

“It just makes me feel like I’m a better person that I’m doing something for someone,” said Jacobs.

‘Our House’ wants more volunteers during this busy time.

“We need people tomorrow more than we need people on Thanksgiving,” said Mjartan.

Help is already overflowing for the actual day of Thanksgiving, so the need is greater on the days leading up and days after.

“Take that heart for service and share it throughout the season,” said Mjartan.

‘Helping Hand’ is closed through thanksgiving, but will re-open next week and immediately need help for collecting Christmas toys.

‘Our House’ is open for volunteers 24-hours through the holiday season, but you cannot drop in unexpected.

Pre-screening to volunteer is required.

To register to volunteer:

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