Personal Space

Personal Space

Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Michael Storey

Rachael Borne

Where I live: In downtown Little Rock in the Quapaw Quarter Historic District, in a 1920s-era apartment building one block from MacArthur Park. The lot was once the neighborhood German beer garden and was later developed in the Craftsman style.

Occupation: I am the re-entry program coordinator at Our House on East Roosevelt Road in Little Rock. Our House, founded in 1987, is a shelter and campus environment that supports homeless and near-homeless individuals and families with housing, job training and education so that they may succeed in life. The re-entry program serves folks who have criminal backgrounds. My goal is to empower clients to understand their legal situation, find meaningful employment and gain skills and confidence to prevent recidivism.

My favorite space is: My cramped, charming kitchen.

Why? It’s the smallest, most frequented room in the house. I adore the black-and-white checkered floor, the “Beauty Queen” old-school cast iron sink, and my hand-thrown dinnerware that stocks the Elfa shelves. This kitchen has produced wonderful parties and glorious messes and delicious meals.

If I could make one change to improve this space, I would: Make it bigger. There are often too many cooks in my petite kitchen, so some extra square footage would be a welcome addition.

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