Members of Congress Tour Local Homeless Facility

Members of Congress Tour Local Homeless Facility

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LITTLE ROCK, AR. — Honoring those who do so much for our homeless, Representative French Hill and Missouri Congress Woman, Ann Wagner stopped by to visit Our House.

Our House helps the homeless by giving them shelter, food and helping them obtain skills to find jobs so they can  become independent.

Representative Hill says while homelessness in central Arkansas is modest compared to other cities, the hard work being done at Our House is helping prevent it from becoming a growing problem.

“I think what they’re doing her is literally a model for how to eradicate homelessness across the nation,” said Representative French Hill.

“This program at our house is one of the greatest public, private partnerships serving a community that I’ve ever seen,” said Missouri Congress Woman, Ann Wagner.

Representatives Wagner and Hill are both working on poverty programs right now at the national level.

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