Financial Health Summit Brings Large Crowd to Local Shelter

Financial Health Summit Brings Large Crowd to Local Shelter

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KARK Channel 4
February 10, 2018
By Charmaine Nero

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Like it or not, tax season is right around the corner and staff at a local homeless shelter are teaming up to teach families about financial planning.

“In April of last year, I had a stroke,” says Jeremy Dixon. Dixon has experienced his fair share of hardship.”Me and my family were in the process of being homeless.”

Facing a dead end – Dixon came to “Our House” shelter hoping to make a change. “I want to send my kids to college but it’s just hard when you don’t get a whole lot,” says Dixon.

Something Ben Goodwin- Director of “Our House” – says he hears often from people struggling to make ends meet. “They’re working hard to overcome challenging life circumstances,” says Goodwin.

“Our House” teamed up with the Treasurer of State’s Office, community organizations, and local banks  – to teach financial awareness. “Workshops for saving, investing, credit counseling, we even have people who are filling out taxes,” says Tina Bryant. “Families showed up because they’re interested in making sure their financial future is solid,” says Fredrick Love.

For people hoping to climb their way out of homelessness. “All of us need to boost our financial literacy but for the people our house serves it’s even more important,” says Goodwin.

Like Dixon – who wants to clear the mistakes from his past, paving the way to a better future.”Our long term goal is to buy a house to be able to provide for our family they way we should,” says Dixon.

“Our House” is open throughout the week for anyone who wants to learn more about improving their finances.


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