This November, we want to collect information about every person that reaches out to Our House needing a bed! This includes people that come to the gate, people that call, clients of other programs, and more. It includes when people reach out to us on behalf of someone else who needs a bed, for instance if we get a call from a partner agency, a board member, or a volunteer. Some things to keep in mind when having these conversations:

  • Make the conversation as natural as possible. Do not ask questions as if you’re reading from a script. Most of the time the person needing a bed will answer questions before you as when they are describing their situation.
  • Check the numbers below to see if any beds are currently available. But please check the “Last Updated” time below to give the person accurate information about beds available. You can also call ext. 221 (Intake), ext. 204 (Michelle), ext. 219 (Amanda) or ext. 164 (Greg).
  • The Housing Program does not hold beds. Bed are first come, first serve. Explain this procedure and give the person a realistic picture that there is a chance that if a bed is open now, we can’t guarantee it will be open when he/she arrives.
  • If the person has stayed at Our House before, he/she will have to be approved to come back. Tip: the approval process may go quicker if the person is waiting at the gate.