Client Services

In addition to the Workforce, Education, and Children’s Programs available to residents, there is an array of services for the men, women and children that call Our House home. We try to meet every need of the residents while they focus on achieving self-sufficiency. Most of these services are met by volunteers, partners, donors and interns set on giving residents every chance to succeed in their professional and family lives. These services include:

Basic Needs
Meal programs
Clothing and supplies
Housing referrals and support
Medical and Mental Health referrals
Health and Wellness
One-on-one case management
Group therapy
Support Groups
AA meetings
HIV testing and services
Individual and family mental health therapy


Our House has internships available for Social Work students in accredited programs. We currently have two Masters-level Social Work internships available in the Spring/Fall school year and one internship available in the Summer. Internships include direct client care, case management, resource development, community involvement, organizational intervention, and therapeutic group development and implementation. If you are interested in interning at Our House, please send your resume and summary of your internship program requirements to the Director of Client Services Justin Sanders at

Current Intership Openings

Client services are available to residents of Our House. For more information on client services, please contact the Director of Client Services:

Justin Sanders
Director of Client Services
501-374-7383 ext 235
PO Box 34155
Little Rock, AR 72203