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Our House In Focus is a new way to provide a window into the everyday work of Our House: the people who come to us for help and our people, programs, and partners who empower them make a better life for themselves. Beginning in October 2016, each week Our House will be publishing, both through social media and through our website, a very short magazine and a new way of telling our story.

Each issue of In Focus will focus on a specific program at Our House and will contain:

  • A story about a client or family who has achieved success through the program.
  • A featured staff member who played a significant role in helping that client or family achieve that success.
  • A resource offered by the program being highlighted.
  • An Our House partner who makes that program possible.

Our House In Focus Archive


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Issue 7- CAFSI Part 2

Issue 8- Career Center Part 2

Issue 9- Little Learners Part 2

Issue 10- Housing Part 2

Issue 11- Our Club Part 3

Issue 12- Two-Generation Approach

Issue 13- Pro-Kids Therapy

Issue 14- A Day at the Shelter

Issue 15- Fair Chance Employment

Issue 16- National Service

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Issue 18- Health & Wellness

Issue 19- In-Kind Donations