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My Favorite Thrift Store

In 2008, Kevin Carson approached the executive director of Our House saying he believed in the Our House mission and wanted to run a thrift store that benefited our organization. In the present day, Mr. Carson now owns My Favorite Thrift Store: a chain of thrift stores that benefit Our House exclusively.

40 cents of every dollar comes back to Our House programs—an unprecedented amount for a benefiting thrift store! We are extremely grateful for our continuing partnership with My Favorite Thrift Store.

Shop and Donate for Our House

Shop with the knowledge that your money is going to good use. Our House’s Housing Programs, Children’s Programs, Learning Center and Client Services will thank you!

Give to My Favorite Thrift Store, knowing that you are giving to Our House. The thrift store and Our House often share donations. We give excess donations to the thrift store, and the store likewise assists clients leaving Our House.


Do you have clothing or bulky furniture that you’d like to donate to Our House? Bring them to a My Favorite Thrift Store location. They can even do the moving: just call 501-246-5741 to schedule a pick up.


The thrift store is always in need of:

  • Clothes, especially seasonal clothing
  • Shoes and Purses
  • Furniture and appliances

Accepts items that Our House can’t:

  • Used toys
  • Decorative housewares
  • Bulky furniture and appliances



For more information, contact owner Kevin Carson at 501-772-5139